Scientific Secrets the World Leaders Don’t Want You to Know

Of course the world leaders don’t want you to know that it was already discovered a long time ago that you are not responsible for your actions most of the time, because your behavior is pre-determined to function in a clear way depending on the behavioral programs you may follow, which start working automatically depending on the stimuli of your environment.

The scientific secrets that the world leaders try hiding from you are discoveries made in the fields of biology, behaviorism, neurology, psychiatry and psychology, which prove to us without any doubt that we are under-developed primates that cannot operate their behavior, which means that we must pass through psychotherapy if we want to ever find equilibrium and mental health in our lives, and if we want to be able to keep global peace on Earth.

The world leaders of the gift time naturally defend selfish philosophies of life, and are totally indifferent to public justice.

Justice itself in our world is only a game…

One lawyer against the other, words and rules against incommunicable truths that cannot be proved, and total indifference to the real truth – because what matters is who is going to pay more, and who has best arguments. These are the most graphic characteristics of our courts.

Nobody feels suited enough in order to spoton what is wrong in the whole world.

The whole world, in everyone’s mind, is naturally a mass, lost in the space.

Nobody feels responsible for those who starve without any occasion of salvation from despair; nobody cares about all prisoners, and about all mentally ill patients that live imprisoned in sanatoriums, because indifference is a general mental illness that characterizes the whole citizen of our planet.

The world leaders try to keep things this way, because if the citizen of the whole planet starts caring about what is sensible and what is absurd, then nobody will accept the violent patterns of justice imposed by the false image they give us about what is correct, and nobody will accept their hypocrisy.

However, the fact that we, human beings, are not truly able to operate our behavior most of the time, and the fact that we have inherited a wild conscience in the biggest part of our brain must shock us, and make us try to preclude the new generations from losing their mental health while they are still young, besides providing psychotherapy to the masses.

We have to forgive all assassins, and help them fetch mental health. We have to give our preserve to the poor citizen that live in misery, so that they may have the occasion to evolve like human beings.

We’ll never find peace and happiness while governed by absurdity and hypocrisy.


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