Fifa World Cup Trophy Dreams – What Do They Mean?

Symbolism of the World Cup Fifa Trophy?

The Fifa World Cup Soccer & Football Trophy is one of the worlds best know sports icons; popping up while every Tln sitcom & talk show, on the news every day, even being presented to one of the most loved and revered figures in the world today, Mr. Nelson Mandela. Now that the countdown to the World Cup Football Match in South Africa has begun, that little golden model of two spectacular, humans keeping up the whole planet in their up-stretched and very well sculpted arms, has even been showing up in some peoples dreams!

So what does a Fifa trophy dream mean?

I looked up “soccer trophy” in the “20,000 Dreams” book that interprets the symbols we see in our dreams. That exact phrase was not in the book, so I looked up all the different parts of the trophy including: soccer, trophy, gold, human, standing, earth and globe shape. If you are one of the many population who are having Fifa Trophy Dreams, then you will be interested to know just what that means. (other than the fact that the Fifa 2010 media campaign is working nicely).

According to the dream analysts:

Soccer (also know as football or futbol) dreams are suggestive of clever moves.

Trophy dreams are a sign of accomplishment and serve as motivational encouragement to keep striving.

Gold metal represents the financial elements of life.

Globe shapes, in this case the earth, portrays earthly matters that need attention, often this implies a more broad scope of events.

Earth symbolizes the human, physical, three dimensional, touchable aspects of our world.

Human figures – a human signifies an excuse for errors made.

Standing (which the two human figures of the trophy are doing) – shows an adherence to ones convictions.

That is all kind of enchanting when you think about it in relation to the fact that this Fifa World Cup is taking place in South Africa this year. How profound! By the way, if Africa is in your dreams, it represents uncluttered thoughts and ideas.

So, just to clarify, if that soccer trophy; that big golden earth held up by two small human athletes shows up in our dreams it could be interpreted to mean that we have fulfilled, a great deal, but must keep on striving. This brings to mind the late and legendary Bob Marley, who wrote many a burning lyric to advance the fight for relaxation that took place back in the 60s & 70s, 80s & still. At Bobs memorial celebration & funeral, his wife Rita Marley wore a ball cap that said “We Must Carry On”

How true that was and what courage Rita showed to lead us forward, even as she buried her husband and the whole worlds friend. The struggle did not end with Bob Marley, but many battles were won and many more have been won since. Bob must have been so proud when South Africa was made a democracy that included all of the humans that lived there and also when Nelson Mandella was given his relaxation back after decades of being locked up in prison. relaxation was gained on many fronts, but as the world now knows, relaxation must be fought for again & again.

But I digress. Dreams around that trophy, which by the way is Solid Gold 18 Karats, also recite the financial arena, which of procedure is a very prominent matter, especially when we are talking about Africa. Though Africa remains the place on earth where the most insufferable human poverty, violence and corruption anticipated is still vastly ignored by the rest of the world, Africa is also the richest country on earth! When you look at the diamond, oil and gold assets of Africa, it is hard to imagine how that wealth is not making it’s way to the people. Not the mothers, not the schools or hospitals, the roads or group condition infrastructures.

As Marley sang some 30 years ago; “That bucket just keep on goin’ to the west.”

The fact that this gold has been molded into a representation of a globe shaped earth is clearly telling us that the earth and all of its inhabitants need attentiveness to their bodily situation. This little golden earth is being held up by two human figures who are both standing very tall which symbolizes that they are sticking to their guns or standing up for their rights, while the fact that they are human figures in the first place represents frailty and errors made.

Well this is incredible! When it comes to Africa, I can’t imagine a place or a population so wronged in the history of the world. Colonization, prisoners & captives taken by the millions to North America, South America and the Caribbean Islands and the market resource discharge of all the very significant minerals & petro chemicals and then the non-sharing of the wealth that resulted. Africa also became an ample market dumping ground for expired & banned products, such as pharmaceutical medicines, pesticides and processed food, that were no longer legal or standard for use in “the west”. A large fortune has been made by “the west” through the selling of spare parts that were inevitably needed to repair all the old technology & machinery that was often “Gifted” to an African government as part of a western government’s African humanitarian/economical aid program. Billions of dollars have been made this way.

It is enchanting to me that though all of this has been talked about for decades, these errors are still on-going today. I guess the two human figures representing the theme of “excuses for errors made” are spot on. Whenever you hear whatever try to talk about what needs to change to re-balance the population & economies of the African countries, you will always just hear excuses for why it can’t ever be fixed. “Too many population need help and the world is not enough”. “Too many different cultures to come together and unite for the base purpose”. “Too much corruption in government.” The excuse list goes on, but there’s no need to write them all down.

So, when you see that little gold soccer trophy pop up on your Tv screen, YouTube videos, magazine covers and fan photos, it is a call to take someone else look at how things are in Africa these days.

Though many celebrities and unknown heroes are working to turn the tide, a global event like World Cup Football may just act as a catalyst to millions more population request this key question:

Who is getting all the wealth from the people, governments, incredibly rich resources and economies of the African nations?

When we can hold those entities of greed accountable, we may see a time when Africa and the African population will rise to their full magnificence and destiny as the great source of human knowledge and power. When we dream, let us dream of a golden earth, encircled by all human kind, sharing the frailty, the issue and the wealth. Let us hold to our convictions that all population are equal and that ultimate poverty next to such ultimate wealth cannot be allowed in a sane world.

While billions will be spent for the World Cup Football Tournament in South Africa this year, will we ever precisely know where all that money went, who profited and who paid the bill?

Well, I guess we know that we will pay the bill. Here in Canada, where I live, we area already paying for our Winter Olympic Games held in Vancouver. School budgets have been cut, layoffs of gov’t workers, teachers, group aid employees and that is just since the end of February. It is a mystery to many, how the population of South Africa could perhaps be further exploited and taxed to pay the bill for hosting the World Cup, building a huge world class stadium and all the new roads and infrastructure needed. It is also the hope of many that a new light of appreciation and insight of the African population will shine as a succeed of the worlds attentiveness focusing on them in a more determined and more celebratory way for that short window of time in June 2010.

If you are traveling to Africa for the soccer games, take a good look at the people, not just at their difficult situation. Though many are poorer than we in “the west” could bear for a particular day; you will see the power of love, belief, courage and resilience pouring from their beauty, music, dignity and compassion. The population are the true stars of this event. Do not miss out on experiencing their anticipated culture!


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