Is 2012 for real the End of the World As We Know It?

Ask anything about the year 2012 and you are sure to solicit a response with some extraordinarily disturbing and troubled gazes. It just seems like every person is actively engrossed in the impending end of the world that assertedly agreeing to the Mayan calendar will take result on December 21, 2012.

All this venture is simply based upon the perception that the Mayan calendar will be running out of days after that projected date. Already, I can envision many alarmed people committing some serious crimes as that date begins to approach. It is very likely that from acts of compassion, some people may slaughter their families in an effort to spare them the pain and anticipated suffering that they may anticipated as the end approaches. Some of the more violent individuals may possibly think it the excellent chance to perfect all those paybacks to their enemies that they have waited for so many long years to accomplish.

There is no doubt that people all nearby the globe are terrified at this prospect and for no speculate what-so-ever. School children are becoming alarmed at an increased rate as they feel they are much too young to die. Parents are becoming apprehensive for the security of their house in the upcoming days. Human nature as it may be will justify people doing things which they would usually not even consider. It is unfortunate that in times such as this people often make excuses not to continue their lives in a responsible fashion.

The truth of the matter is rather straightforward in all reality since the world is not in any way, shape or form going to end. It is unlikely that we will play survey to a fiery display of meteorites flaming towards earth intent upon burning it and its inhabitants wholly out of existence. In fact, in all likelihood, December 21 of 2012 will de facto be just like any other day in our lives.

It seems like a gross lack of Mayan knowledge is the culprit in generating this unfounded fear of 2012. The Mayan civilization has never in any way anticipated the end of the world in the year 2012. The fact is that it is merely a strange coincidence that some of the astrological alignments happen to fall on that definite timeframe. The anticipated apocalypse which is suppose to occur on that date is nothing more then a figment of western, Christian beliefs that had been projected into the Mayan culture.

Some of these misunderstandings for the 2012 phenomena may possibly generate upon the discovery of some clay tablets in southern Mexico in the early 60’s. These tablets happened to casually mention the year 2012 as a time for something special to occur. As luck would have it erosion created a crack in the stone tablet development the end of the passage unreadable. Imaginations speedily got carried away creating the 2012 doomsday scenario.

Completely disregarded were the inscriptions often found at many Mayan digs that narrate dates long past the memorable 2012 deadline. One such comment even concerns the year 4772.

The Mayan had a knack for astronomy and its calendar was advanced to begin at 3,114 Bc. These doomsday rumors failed to take into account that this calendar used by the Mayans began on the date listed and used a basis of 394 year periods. These periods were known as Baktuns in the Mayan language. Since the number thirteen held a single point to the Mayan philosophers, it just so happens that the 13th Baktun ends on none other then December 21, 2012. At this time it does not indicate the end of the world but merely the final time for that Mayan Baktun and their current calendar.

This date is de facto representative of a special chance for the Mayan people. It is a celebration for the creation of their world and not a death observation for all humanity. Mankind has continually tried to manipulate astrological occurrences to comfortably fit into the task of their 2012 projections.

So if you have been worrying about the end of life occurring in 2012 you can put that fiction to rest. On December 22, 2012 you will wake up and go about your business as you did on December 20, 2012.

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