The Largest Mangrove Forest in the World

The largest mangrove forest in the world is Sundarban. It is located in the two south Asian country between Bangladesh and India. Most of the part of Sundarban is in Bangladesh. The area of Sundarban is nearly 10,000 square kilometer on which 6000 kilometer is situated in Bangladesh and rest of the part is in India.

Sundarban is bounded by Khulna,Satkhira and Bagerhat district in the north reason. Bay of Bengal in the south reason. In the east there is Baleswar river, Perojpur and Barisal district and the river Raimangal and Hariabhanga is in the west which indicates partially Bangladesh boundary with Indian west Bengal.

In 1997 Unesco declared Sunderban as a world heritage site. It is a overwhelming place for the travelers. Sunderban has a great variety of the animal kingdom. The world supreme Royal Bengal Tiger is found here. Now the number of Royal Bengal Tiger is estimated 500. This animal is very suited and nice to look at. Sometimes the honey collectors come to be the victim of this carnivorous animal. As a precaution the honey collectors use mask on back part of their head. So that the tigers think the men are seeing them eye to eye taste and the two faces men can generate danger for them. an additional one beautiful animal in the Sundarban is spotted or chital deer. It is estimated 30,000 now. Rhino, wild Boar, Monkey, Fishing cats; Foxes, Pangolin, etc. Are also the prominent kingdom of animal of Sundarban. Sundori is the main and requisite tree in the Sundarban.

Bangladesh and India earn a huge foreign currency from Sundarban every year. A huge number of foreign travelers come to trip this world heritage site every year. The life of a huge number of habitancy depends on Sundarban. A huge number of fish is found in the rivers of Sundarban all the year. They catch the fish all the year and sell in the market. A lot of habitancy cut the wood from the Sunderban and sell in market. Honey collectors collected honey from this forest and earn money.

Finally it can be stated that if anyone wants to trip this overwhelming place he can come here without any hesitation. The variety and natural charm of this place must impress him.


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