2012 – The End of the World?

It is now a favorite belief among a needful whole of population colse to the world that a catastrophic event will occur on December 21st 2012, and this event will then result in the end of the world. This is a prophecy that came about due to the fact that the Mayan Long Count calendar ends on this date. The Long Count Calendar is a non repeating calendar used by some cultures along with the Maya.

There are a few favorite theories to how the world will end on this date, these include; the earth colliding with someone else planet thus being destroyed, Doomsday, World War 3 spirited atomic bombs and a Super immense Black Hole at the centre of our galaxy. The film named “2012” relates to this prophecy and makes small references to the Mayan calendar; it shows the world ending and being reborn through greatest natural events such as earthquakes and heavy flooding. This shows the whole of media coverage that has occurred colse to this theory, and ways in which it is interpreted.

The speculation of Doomsday came about through the Mayan calendar along with the “codes” in the bible which also predicts disaster in 2012. Many population believe that this date will be apocalypse – judgment day, where everybody will be judged by god for all their sins. Scientists have also unbelievable many ideas such as; black holes, colliding planets and the sun becoming too warm and frying our solar system.

Whether all of this can be believed or not is down to opinion rather than fact, everybody has their own opinion on the “prophecy”. Each of the theories whilst quite convincing in areas, are also flawed due to the fact that theories like this one have been talked about before such as; the world ending in 2000. These other prophecies never occurred and therefore add flaws to either this prophecy is any separate from the others.


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