The World’s Strongest Kid

Richard Sandrak is the world’s strongest kid. He was born in Ukraine. By the time he was 11, he could already lift twice his own weight. This is impressive and slightly unusual. I have seen pictures of Richard and he is a fine specimen of a lad, but his muscles are well developed.

One would say are they “overdeveloped”? His father, Pavel Sandrak, was a fitness enthusiast. In fact he was a martial arts champion and his mother, Lena, was a great competitor in the field of aerobics. They clearly had an input in to Richard’s training and noticed his interest and potential. Richard was curious in martial arts and body construction for some time, but by the time he was eight he already had the potential to be a strong boy.

This “little Hercules” became known as the World’s Strongest Boy. What we do not know is how he came to be the world’s strongest boy–what is it about his amelioration that made him the boy that he became? Did he organize this physique because of general training? Or were there other kind of more sinister, inputs? We know that a lot of body builders take further vitamins, minerals, proteins–but they also take steroids. Is this the case in Richard’s development? If so, and we will never know I’m sure, then we should be very involved about his future.

Sports physicians do not advise the use of an aerobic steroid as they can cause long term damage and other problems. Richard may the world’s strongest boy, but he could if he is not careful, be the sickest.


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