Top 5 Fast Food Chains of the World in 2009

Life of the citizen all nearby the world is so much busy that they do not even get time to eat food properly. This gave birth to a new sector called the fast food sector. The technical name for fast food restaurants is quick assistance restaurants. Although the quick assistance restaurants come up on the scene a few decades back but they are originated from the urban development. Old Rome cities had stalls of bread, wine and food which in case,granted citizen with cooked food. The concept of this type of food was driven from that and now these quick assistance restaurants are called fast food restaurants and citizen all nearby the world love to have them. Over the years a lot of food chains have entered the business. There is a competition found in all the fast food chains of the world fast food chains have branches in separate countries now. Every now and then they come up with something new and appetizing to capture the market. Here is a list of top 5 fast food chains of the world:

1. Subway

Subway is world’s number one fast food chain. It is also the fastest growing this type of food chain of the world and recently it has beaten all other competitors in terms of sales. It is an American fast food chain and sells separate types of sandwiches. It has a broad range of flavors in its sandwiches and uses a variety of breads to bring maximum satisfaction to the customers. The customers are given a free hand to modify their sandwich according to their own taste. This is the installation which is liked most by the people. Moreover, Subway is owned and operated by Doctors connection Inc. Which attracts the citizen the most as they make sure to supply the citizen with the food which is germ-free and full of nutrition values.

2. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the world’s second most notable fast food chain. It started its company in 1940 and gives a tough competition to subway every year with its diversified food products. It mainly targets the kinds and provides deals which kids love. It also provides toys to attract the kids. It primarily provides hamburger, chicken burgers, nuggets, milk shakes, drinks and deserts to the customers. It faced a lot of comment about creating obesity among the people. But now it has come up with salad and other food items which keep in notice the condition requirements.

3. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is the 3rd most notable fast food chain of the world. Whenever some body asks for pizza the first name that strikes the mind is pizza hut. Over the years it has come up with a lot of appetizing flavors of pizzas and has a wide network of its branches all over the world.

4. Starbucks

Starbucks is the fourth most notable fast food chain of the world. Every year it manages to accumulate a lot of revenues from its sales. It is well known for its appetizing coffees, deserts, pastries and other drinks. It is the best brand of coffee and no other coffee house is in its competition.

5. Kfc

Kentucky fried chicken is also a notable fast food chain. It stood on the top a few years back but now a lot of other tiny competitors have entered into the store and supply almost the same flavored chicken to the customers as of Kfc therefore their sales and popularity have declined. Primarily it sold fried chicken but now due to a lot of competition in this type of food store it has come up with separate types of burgers, sandwiches and salads to capture the market.


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