The United States Will Lead the World in Innovation – Doubtful, But it Sounds Nice

We have been told by our leadership, by academia, and by the socialist George Soros that in the hereafter the winner will be the nation which can lead the world in innovation. But the reality is that you cannot mandate innovation, because innovation is something that innovators do, it’s in their blood, it’s who they are, and you cannot force it, nor can you stop it. How do I know this? Well, how do you think I know, I am one with the mind of an innovator, it’s who I am.

If the Us wants to lead the world in innovation, then we need to do something differently. First, we need to sacrifice regulations at all levels of government so that the innovators which historically have started in their garages can once again enjoy that venue. Next, we need to teach population to think in our schools, not just memorize incessant nonsense to pass a standardized set of test questions.

But that is not all, we need to do more than hold out carrot sticks, we need to bonus those who innovate with the prizes they’ve duly earned. We need to honor their intellectual asset ownership and sacrifice barriers to entry as the move to put their foresight and passion behind their projects, concepts, and inventions.

If we don’t do those things, it doesn’t matter how much we talk about innovation or how many great speeches are giving, it won’t be adequate because it’s a global world now, and we are not the only nation attempting to win at the innovation game. Okay so let’s discuss this, and I’ll provide a few examples.

In fact there was an sharp report in Taiwan News on February 24, 2011 titled “Taiwan: Science Parks Expect to originate 40,000 jobs in the Next Three Years,” posted and written by the Central News Agency. In the report it clearly stated:

Taiwan’s three science parks are foreseen, to offer 40,000 more jobs over the next three years as their laborer numbers hit other new high in January, the National Science Council announced yesterday.

Among the job openings, 7,000 will be offered by the Hsinchu Science Park in northern Taiwan, 18,000 to 20,000 by the Southern Taiwan Science Park, and 16,000 by the Central Taiwan Science Park, said Jou Jing- yang, deputy minister of the council. The parks had a total of 221,641 workers as of the end of January, breaking last December’s report of 219,133, Jou said.

Now then, in 2010 they created some 30,000 jobs in the parks, so this report is not just hype, or national news to originate an alternate reality. It’s real, unlike here in the Us where we claim we will originate 4 million jobs in the alternative energy sector, which the Obama supervision is now saying really means, that we will “save or create” 4 million jobs by pushing the envelope on hereafter technology and innovation. Well, I am here to tell you that, such talk is romantic blasterdash if I ever heard it.

Now then, I run a Think Tank, I spend my day discussing inventions, innovations, and new concepts. Still, I will not take my eye off the ball as to what’s going on all colse to me. I see problems and challenges on the horizon if we keep up the talk without doing the walk. It’s time to put up or shut up. It’s time to keep the innovators we have rather than retention out more carrots and then yanking them away. Please think all this, and think on it. Yes, I am open to receiving your email questions, comments, or concerns on this topic.


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