The Dogs-Eye View of the World

Dogs are not human beings in dog suits, although many of us see our own dogs as equal and valuable members of our families. Dogs and humans can look at the very same world and have two thoroughly separate perceptions about what is occurring.

Dogs are descended from wild wolves, and a dog’s perception of the world is based on his ancestral genes just like our perceptions are based upon our genes. For example, if you let your dog do as he pleases no matter how socially unacceptable his behavior, you realize that you are showing your dog love and being good to him, but that is not what the dog perceives. The dog takes your lack of control of him as a sign that you are weak. He believes that he has attained alpha dog status in his pack and as the alpha dog, he Is the boss.

Then you wonder why he won’t obey you. Ha! He thinks that you should obey Him because he is obviously in charge. Obedience training is not cruelty. Obedience training and teaching your dog how to behave himself makes life good for everybody who lives with or near the dog, and it makes life good for the dog. He would rather not have to be the alpha dog.

You might see crate training as banishing the dog from the family. You might view crate training as cruel and unusual punishment. But that is not what the dog sees. You see, dogs are denning animals. Dogs want a safe place to call their own. In the wild, wolves always have dens where they can retreat to rest and feel safe, and your dog wants exactly the same thing.

Just remember that dogs realize the world in a separate way than you do, and it is up to you to see the world from the dog’s point of view.


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