The Wealthiest Man in the World

It happened that they were looking for the man with the greatest fortune in the world and were gift many dissimilar prizes for him: contracts, publicity, radio, television, written media and even to growth his fortune.

This was a true slap on the face to poverty because it had a great convention, many foremost people, many clubs of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and all the Vip categories that could be found.

A lot of wealthy habitancy arrived in cars, planes, with jewels, entourage, with all things that you can imagine.

Kings and kingdoms came and there was so much money that the money that these persons had, could help to determine the hunger of the world in less than a day. It seems like an irony that there was so much money and so much need at the same time. It is sad that this world, in general, does not collaborate.

Well, there were the ones who were pro and against and all type of reporters and politicians. Then, they started introducing the dissimilar contestants, starting with the estimate of millions they own. Wow! habitancy would exclaim. “How could they get so much money?” They asked and the answers were: inherited, others using their intelligence. 

Some had billions, others had trillions. Well, just by listening, we are becoming rich. The day passed and there were many qualified persons among them, who were presented as their turn came.

After eight in the evening, the turn came for a very qualified person, he was dressed with clean, elegant clothes. And the persons were asking, about who was his dressmaker, what kind of designer shoes he was wearing, who was his hairdresser.

Well, there were all kind of speculation, permissible of a town. Then, he was asked about his fortune, and just listen to what he said: ” I come from a very far country and money does not exist in that place.”

“Wow” said the people” he is probably very rich and in those places they pay with oil, diamonds and there is no need of money.”

There was so much commotion that the man could not be seen but after a while, the crowd moved away and the gentleman spoke again: ” I am the man who has the greatest wealth in the world because when I get up in the morning, I can see the sun and I can thank the originator since I can see my couple, my children, my family, my friends. And I can understand without a doubt, how much I love them.”

“Wow” the stage was shaking and the reporters were surprised and saying: ” This man must have a great fortune when he has time for the family, since this cannot be seen here.”

Another reporter said: ” I do not know if the sun exists because I go to work very early in the morning and return late nearby 10 in the evening.” Other man said: ” Incredible, I remember that I was married some years ago and I think that I had one or two children, but it was a long time ago and I do not see them anymore.” And the rumor could be heard : How much wealth! abundance! Then, they said: ” You must live in a palace, you must be a king; the kings do not work.”

And the man nodded and said: ” Yes, that is right, I live in a palace of respect, affection, tenderness, love, and that palace is called home.” After he said these words, he almost turned into a Tv monitor since all the cameras were focusing on him.

The contest was being shown by one channel but after his words, all the other Tv channels changed from their usual programming and began to send “The Wealthiest Man of the World.”

It happened that habitancy were commenting : ” Home? it has been years since I heard that word from my grandparents and now it sounds like a strange word. You can see that this man achieved all things that he wanted to.” And they tried to make silence but there were so many that it took more than half an hour to be wholly silent. And he was asked: ” Please, tell us more about your fortune.” And he said: ” I have given all things in life, there is nothing in me that I have not given or expressed; when man has needed me, or my presence, opinion, advice, I have all the time given it.”

Then the habitancy of the panel, began to say: ” This rich and qualified gentleman must be a scientist, mathematician or artist.” Others said: ” He probably has so much money, wealth and power that he must be a philanthropist.” Then, he was asked: ” Please, tell us more about your fortune.” And he said: ” My fortune is very large , even larger than the sun and the stars. My fortune is larger than the sum of all the monies and riches in the history of man. My fortune is in my faith.” After he said these words, the Internet seemed to came to a stop. Every person began to hunt for the enterprise called Faith. The stock shop was flashing, the stocks were arrival and going. There was so much commotion that many pictures supposedly signed by this gentleman, were starting to be sold although he had not signed anything.

Then, the gentleman kept talking: ” I am going to tell you about something that Faith has given me and I invite Every person to have it. It is science and art, it is the starting of the wealth.”

“What is your secret?” he was asked; since there were administrators, bankers and economists, present. And he said: ” Something very simple but with a great meaning; it is called “Sharing.” Then, habitancy fainted and applauded in the section of the economists. And an older gentleman said: ” The principle of economy consists in creating laws, and establishing personal relationships.”

And the economist added: ” This enterprise Faith, must be very large.” Then, the man was recognized as the wealthiest man in the world and in less than a moment, all the group of economists wanted to do enterprise with him and they settled the money in front of him because according to them, he was a great economist.

Then, he looked at them into the eyes and said: ” I am most grateful for your fine attention, but I do not need your money.” When he said those words, the trains stopped; also the city, the country, the nation, the planet, even the public and private schools stopped.

What could this gentleman have, that he could say “No, thanks, I do not need your money.”

Some persons were reasoning that this was the end of the world, others that he was an extraterrestrial, because what man of the world could say ” I have enough”, this could be said by somebody who has too much. And he was asked: ” Tell us, in what bank is your money?” And his answer was almost a paradox: ” My money is in the bank, which actually is, the richest bank, and is called: “Modesty” but not Every person can enter this bank.”

Then, the public thought: ” Of course, they must be trillions.” And the gentleman kept on saying:

“In order to belong to this bank, one must be known in life, and be satisfied with all things that we have.”

After these words, some millionaires had to be hospitalized because they were saying: ” What man can have the fortune of been satisfied?” They were surprised, astonished and they stayed like that because that man had taught them that the private of wealth is: “To be satisfied with what is owned, to be honest, to have faith and to have a sincere Loving heart.”

This is the true private of the greatest wealth. May you be able to perform it!

And that day, that town and that place met “The Wealthiest Man in the World.”


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