Safest Airlines in the World

Many air travelers wonder what exactly are the safest airlines to use when they travel. Here are the winners according to some criteria:

Safest Airlines

Likely the most foremost criteria for a safe airline is the number of fatalities the airline has over a duration of up-to-date years. This may be the best way to judge the report of maintenance but also of personnel, including pilots and engineers.

Qantas is a name well known to those concerned in airline safety. Based out of Sydney, Australia, Qantas safety rating has plummeted as of late, but still ranks fairly high among other airlines of the world in terms of widespread safety.

Other airlines thought about to be most safe in terms of least passenger fatalities consist of America West, EasyJet, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue, North American Airlines, Southwest and Virgin Atlantic. In addition, many smaller, regional carriers are among the safest airlines including Ireland’s national carrier, Aer Lingus, Air Europe, Air Jamaica, Austria Airlines, BahamasAir, Canadian North, Corsair, Estonian Air, Eurowings, Eva Air, Finnair, Frontier Airlines, Fujian Airlines, Icelandair, Midway Airlines, National Jet Italia, Novair, Ozark Airlines, Portugalia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Oman Air, Sahara Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Spanair, Syrian Air, Sun Country Airlines, TransAsia Airways, Tunisair, Ukraine International, Uzbekistan Airways and WestJet Airlines.

It’s spirited to note that many smaller carriers may have a safer prestige than larger carriers simply because of the vastly larger number of flights that larger carriers have each day. Quite simply, the more flights, the more chance that something will go wrong.

Most gather Airline

El Al airlines, Israel’s national airlines, is thought about to be the world’s most gather airline company. This is due to their tight safety measures and protocols used to preclude terrorism and hijackings on their planes. Founded in 1948, El Al airlines has a fleet of over 30 planes. El Al has prevented and stopped numerous attacks on their airlines from terrorists and has also managed to stop hijackers. El Al scrutinizes and interviews every passenger prior to boarding. Also, plain clothes safety officers as well as uniformed officers patrol the areas where passengers gather to board.

Worst Airlines

In increasing to safe airlines, there are also known bad airlines. These consist of Indonesia Airlines, Ukraine’s Volare Air, Phuket Airlines from Thailand and North Korea’s Air Kyo. The criteria used for worst airlines is the number of aircraft lost, so it’s a good idea to stay away from these airlines.


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