Who Is the World’s Best Dj?

Disc Jockey’s or Djs have been around since Leon Scott invented the phonograph back in 1857. The term was coined in America in 1935 when Walter Winchell nicknamed a radio announcer called Martin Block after the ‘disc’ which he played and ‘jockey’ as someone who operates a device. The term has stuck and Djs have become one of the most beloved types of artist around the world. Djs appear on the radio as presenters, as solo artists and as parts of music groups. With such a diverse range of mediums available in which it is potential to achieve as a Dj, who is the world’s greatest Dj?

Armin van Buuren

A Dutch born Dj and producer, Armin van Buuren was voted No.1 in Dj Magazine’s yearly list of the Top 100 Djs in the world. His weekly radio show apparently has over 30 million listeners and his live shows are all the time sold out, no matter how big the venue is. As you can tell, he isn’t exactly a wedding reception Dj! His album releases include: ’76’ 2003. ‘Shivers’ 2005, ‘Imagine’ 2008, and ‘Mirage’ 2010. Armin’s style can be described as progressive, techno and trance music.


Tiësto is often whether just ahead or just behind Armin van Buuren in the Dj rankings. He is also Dutch and is also a Dj and article producer. His style as Dj Tiësto comes under the genres of electronic dance, trance and progressive trance. He was named whole one Dj of the year by Dj Magazine 3 times from 2002 until 2004.

Sir Terry Wogan

Terry Wogan is a long established voice of radio after working from the Bbc on Bbc Radio 2 for most of his career. Before his relinquishment in December 2009, Terry had a regular 8 million listeners who tuned in for his Wake Up to Wogan morning show, production him the most beloved radio show in Europe. He is not only a radio star but is a beloved character on British television. He was also the host of the Uk annotation for the Eurovision Song contest from 1980 – 2008. I’m sure he must be one of the most sought after Djs for Weddings in the country, but with his glittering radio vocation it must be incredibly (if not impossible) to book him!

Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile according to his autobiography claims to have been the first ever Dj, having started playing records in dance halls in the 1940s in Leeds. As well as a vocation as a club and radio Dj, Jimmy Savile had a essential Tv vocation having been the former host of ‘Top of the Pops’ and host of his own show ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ from 1975 – 1994.

Who is your favourite Dj of all time?


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