New 7 Wonders of the World – Is it Worth the Trip?

The new seven wonders of the world have at last been finalised. Is it worthwhile visiting them? Let’s take a brief look at each destination and you’ll make up your mind for yourself in no time.

The Pyramid at Chichen Itza. Located in Mexico and home to the Mayan civilisation, the difficulty and wonder that has surrounded this structure has mesmerised archaeologists and historians alike for the last hundred years. As new discoveries are unearthed and we get closer to comprehension the day-to-day workings of this aged culture, the more our wonderment increases.

Christ Redeemer. This illustrious model at the top of Corcovado Mountain in Rio stands 124 feet tall with outstretched arms apparently embracing the city below. It is said to typify the welcoming nature of the Brazilian citizen and is an expression of the warmth of their personality and lifestyle.

The Coliseum. As a testament to the glory days of Rome it is as much an example of complex Roman architecture as it is of a lifestyle which form the foundations of the modern society we enjoy today. As you roam through the labyrinthine channels within this structure, you are left in no doubt as to the mastery of aged Roman craftsmen and to the dominance of the Roman civilisation.

The Great Wall of China. The only artificial structure which is graphic from outer space stands alone as a testimony to the perseverance and power of aged Chinese civilisation. To stand on the wall and gaze into the distance both before you and behind you, leaves you in no doubt that the citizen who stood behind this massive creation were masters of their craft and masters of their own destiny.

Machu Picchu. The remote mountaintop village of Machu Picchu in Peru never ceases to amaze visitors who take the time to wind their way up crowded mountain pass through overcrowded jungles. Home to an aged civilisation of remote mountaintop dwellers the village remains a lonely memory of human perseverance and culture.

Petra. This aged Jordanian city features an splendid array of hand carved structure hewn into huge rock faces standing alone in the middle of an titanic desert. The a list of the location and the ingenuity of its creators will leave you standing in awe.

Taj Mahal. This illustrious Indian palace is as romantic as it is awe-inspiring. Built as a token of love to his wife, Shah Jahan left this marvellous structure for countless generations to enjoy for evermore. There can be no doubt that the seven wonders of the world right away originate something extra in our memory and if you were ever able to devise the trip of a lifetime then visiting these seven wonders would be a wonder in itself.

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