Small Dog, Big Heart – The Cutest Small Dog Breeds in the World

Sometimes we feel we are all alone in this world. Our love lives just don’t work out, our friends all the time go away in the end, and our house members finally get lives of their own. And we are left unmistakably alone with nobody to relax us. And what do we do? Do we mope around alone in the dark? Do we go around picking up members of the opposite sex in bars? Of procedure not! We just get the cutest thing in the whole world that we are sure will love us unconditionally: a dog!

And not just any dog will do. A small dog is not only cute but it is also commonly easier to take of than their larger cousins because they don’t require as much space and exercise. And you also have the advantage of most of them being really, unmistakably good with kids. A cutie with a soft heart, undying devotion and who is good with kids? What more can you ask for?

Here are a few suggestions on the best small dog breeds to get when you unmistakably need it:

– Mini Dachshund: These are some of the most curiously shaped dogs in the world. They were bred this way because their first purpose was to hunt moles in the ground, a job which they did to perfection with their ‘hotdog’ appearance. They are loving, energetic and great companions. Just beware how you pick one up!

– Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: As its name suggests, this is one of the most dignified breeds of dog in the world. And it is also one of the best with kids, because of its cuteness and its patience. You should any way be sure to give it enough exercise and grooming every week.

– Beagle: The undying Snoopy was a beagle and if that isn’t motivation enough for you to get this wonder of a dog breed, then something must be wrong with you. The beagle is one of the most playful, active, and amiable dogs you could ever hope to meet. Exercising them enduringly though is a must.


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