Tarot Card Meanings – The World

In this last installment of Tarot Card meanings for the Major Arcana, we’ll be going over the discrete meanings for the Tarot Card, The World. A lot of people wish they could have the world, and the moon and the starts and all things else. Well, be particular what you wish for because not all things is as fabulous as most people think it is. Utopia has not yet been discovered and I doubt that it ever will be. The World is no different.

Okay, so what does the card The World mean? This card, in its general meaning, is basically a culmination of all your hard work. You’ve completed a job well done and can now enjoy what you’ve accomplished. This is especially true if the card falls in the sixth or tenth position. The World, in these positions, may be one of the most satisfying cards in all of the Tarot, though it doesn’t happen often.

This card can also mean that things are clear for you to make changes at home or work that may be very beneficial to you. You can accept new challenges and feel determined that you’ll meet these challenges head on and with great success. Others will also be able to count on you now as you have great insight. One thing you must never forget is where you came from.

In reverse, The World is not such a bright picture. Usually, this card means that you’re stuck in a rut and unable to face new challenges. You’re afraid to try new things and your fear it going to cause you to stagnate. You’ve experienced many lessons in your life but for some reason, you’re unable to learn from them. Because of this, you resist turn and cling to old ways.

This card may also show that you’re trying very hard but not applying yourself in the right way. You need to take a step back, look at what you’re doing and try to find someone else way to solve the problem. Being stubborn won’t solve anything. You have to learn to accept other people’s advice.

As you can see, not all is right with The World. It may sound corny, but it is also very true. Try to learn the lessons that The World has to teach. If you can do this, you’ll find that you can have just about anyone in the world that you want and be successful at just about anything.

To Your Divination Success,

Steven Wagenheim


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