The World Was A Dull Place Before Man Discovered Chocolate!

Since being discovered, chocolate has changed life for innumerable fans. It comes from the cocoa bean which is over 4000 years old. Antique civilisations worshiped this magical black bean and idea that it was a gift from the gods. These early cultures made a thick rich drink from the cocoa beans. Some early civilisations even used the cocoa bean as a means of currency. There were many things that it could buy. Four beans could buy you a meal.

The cocoa bean on its own is sour and was rejected by the first Spanish settlers. They had no idea what they had discovered and brought with them to their countries.

The Spanish brought with them the formula for this bitter drink. It was not all that liked until the famous Spanish explorer Cortez decided to mix the bitter drink with sugar. Then it became a sensation and only royalty was allowed to enjoy this extraordinary drink. They added other spices like nutmeg and vanilla. They were thriving in hiding this beverage from the world for over 100 years! From then on it soon travelled across the globe. Discrete cultures started attractive it in separate ways, refining it, adding other ingredients. It was slowly evolving into the actively beautiful sweet candy that we know today.

These days you will find this sweet dark candy across the world and ready in just about every form that you could imagine. You can come across it in milk, cookies, coffee, candies, breakfast cereals, chocolate covered fruit, ice cream and even wine! You can even shop for chocolate gifts!

There is no nicer gift for any candy lover than a box of chocolates. Do you know what the top selling item is on Valentine’s Day? Chocolates! More people give chocolate gifts on this extra day than whatever else. We all know the way to man’s heart is through his stomach and evidently the way to woman’s heart is with a box of this delectable sweet treat!

It also makes a extraordinary gift on other holidays too. On Easter millions of children will wake up to find it in their Easter baskets. Hundreds of plastic eggs will be inexpressive with this dark sweet treat inside. On Christmas Father Christmas is familiar for stuffing stockings full of this dark sweet treat.

It is difficult to picture a world without it! beyond doubt what would we do without chocolate?


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