10 of the Top World’s Ports For Freight

Freight ports play a very foremost role in international business. Therefore countries that have great numbers of imports and exports find it important to have large and efficient ports to ensure that there is adequate space for their freight. The world ratings have the following ports as the top 10 in terms of size, operations and convenience. It is evident that most of the world freight business is carried out along the Pacific Ocean and thus most of the ports in the list are on the Pacific Ocean.

1. The Hong Kong port in China is the first on the list with a space of 20.449 Teu which is volume in ‘twenty foot equivalent units’. This port is ranked first generally because of the size but ranks fifth surrounded by the busiest ports in terms of freight activity. This port is generally used to ferry in raw materials into China and to ship out fulfilled, goods.

2. The second top world port is the Singapore port that is placed in the Asia Pacific region. It measures 18.411 Teu and it is the busiest port in the world. This port is generally used to ship goods that are made in Singapore.

3. The Shanghai port in China ranks third and is 11.280 Teu but it ranks fourth among the busiest ports in the world.

4. The Shenzhen port of China is the fourth with a size of 10.650 Teu though it does not even rank among the top 10 world’s busiest ports.

5. The Busan Airport in South Korea is the fifth port with a size of 10.408 Teu. It is generally used to ship imports and exports in Korea which is also a major manufacturer.

6. The Khaosing port in Taiwan is the sixth largest port in the world with 8.843 Teu.

7. The Los Angeles port in the United States ranks seventh in size with a space of 7.179 Teu. It is the main port in the United States though it ranks second among the busiest ports in the United States. This is an indicator that there is more freight performance in the Asia Pacific region than in the United States.

8. The Rotterdam Port in the Netherlands ranks eighth with a size of 7.179 Teu which is the same as the Los Angeles port. It ranks second among the busiest ports in the world.

9. The Hamburg port in Germany ranks ninth with a space of 6.138 Teu and is complex in a good deal of international trade.

10. The last of the top 10 world ports for freight is the Antwerp port of Belgium which enjoys a great location in the middle of the Americas, Africa and Asia and is able to send freight within short transit times to many other world ports.


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