Google, the World, and Paradigm Shifts of Wealth

In reading some of the current articles on the World according to Google, it seems that more and more, there is one thing after an additional one that the hunt motor giant is getting into. The most recent speculation is the global facts industry, which can make things change overnight it seems. Clubs that payment for services like Gps will see their store share dwindle as the free open source religious doctrine starts to yield facts at what seems like light speed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in open source and am glad for it, but there is a great paradigm shift in the world that needs to adjust for the change.

Take for example the vinyl narrative industry, almost overnight they were replaced by the Cd. This shift did two things, removed an commerce that was nearby for over 70 years and replaced it almost overnight with the Cd industry,while Dvd’s were not even on the store yet. Now the spicy thing is that the multi million dollar vinyl narrative commerce that vanished, was replaced by the multi billion dollar Cd commerce and we still go to the store and ask for a narrative or album.

It only took a few years for the Dvd commerce to catch up to the Cd commerce and the time line for change gets shorter and shorter. We as a habitancy are the ones who are required to keep up with the pace of change.

I realize there is nothing more constant as change, however,it is the pace at which this change is occurring and our capability to adjust to the change that I believe is taking a toll on us.

The computer and digital world is evolving at an even faster pace. Yes, we advantage from the marvelous technological changes,but the computer was not even nearby in daily use prior to 1959. A full generation has not even passed us and we are onto numerous computer generations and there is even more to come. Remember, the commerce went from zero dollars of revenue to many billions of dollars in less than 30 years.

Oh,and back to Google, it’s Ipo, just a few years ago, was offered at .00 per share, spiked up to almost 0.00 at it’s high and at this writing is currently over 0.00 per share for over 7 x profit in just a few short years. Can you fantasize where it will be in the next 5 years?

My point for all this is that; while many habitancy are writing about the changes in our world and how commerce is being both created and destroyed in a somewhat negative way. The paradigm shifting that occurs while these times has been to take a inescapable technology and industry, reinvent it, modify it, and while the old fades away, the new creates even more revenue and abundance.

The saying that matter is neither created nor destroyed seems to run deep within the paradigm shift of industry. As one commerce fades away, and with it the revenue stream, due to the newer technology, the newer commerce that replaced it, generates even more revenue than the old one prior. The laws of universal plenty would seem to apply here if you are a believer in that concept.

The world is changing at a pace not seen in our days. Remember, a exiguous over one hundred years ago, when the Wright brother’s, Orville and Wilbur, who are credited with the first victorious airplane, made the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight on December 17, 1903. After that everything continued to change until we have what we see today.

Paradigm shifts constantly changing our landscape, the cyber world like we have never seen before and the excitement of the new technologies that are not even in play today are creating the wealth of tomorrow, Unlike some, I am excited about living in today’s world and look forward to the unknown of tomorrow.

Not to move forward, to stay where we are, is very tempting, we sometimes fear the unknown and avoid the new aspect of change, but once we embrace this change we no longer have this fear and our minds have a whole new outlook on how we realize everything nearby us. Keeping an open mind and evolving with the change is what we must do, in this way, you can move into the new plenty that continues to surround us.


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