Because the Internet is better than Newspapers

If the Internet was opened to private customers, a lot of companies and individuals have received so far benefited from this, companies were able to consumers around the world, without reaching many more people were given the opportunity of fame World. More importantly, the people are able to read news online.

Others would even register on the latest news news forum to have their e-mail. In short, the Internet is much better than the traditionalNewspaper. Here are some of the reasons why;

# 1 The papers are so slow – you can read the morning news today, when the morning comes home, while the Internet can transmit messages in real time without having to wait another 12 hours for details. Documents often do not provide all the details of the message, because they save space for ads.

# 2 Do you have references chaotic – the title page contains almost all brokenNews, at least you'll be able to read the pieces and find it difficult to look in the inside pages. However, the Internet can eliminate that problem with a single click. It will not be able to turn the pages to read.

# 3 The items are static – all the newspaper articles may not unlike those that are updated on the web. If you need updates on the same object, you must pray that the same story will be published the next day to see.TV reporters and journalists to edit easily on the Internet, their products or to add new versions at any time.

# 4 The comments are not the only ones – most are writing articles in newspapers or simply copy what has already been published on the Internet. This means that the newspapers get their stories online today. And 'well if you are not really dependent on the Internet that you have read the newspaper. But most people today, surf the Internet more frequently than newspapers in hand.

The factyes, there are still millions of people who have received notification of the morning papers. These people may have taken to keep the cards as he sipped his coffee. Although there may be a valid explanation, one could understand that the majority of newspaper readers elderly or those who do not know how to operate a computer.

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