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When you write a report, is one of the first things you must consider the target audience. E 'for the public or for a certain group of readers? If you write for the reader's lifestyle magazine for the lifestyle section or in the newspapers, for example, would need to consider whether it is necessary from the point of view of a third person or to write the second?

Most have written stories from about the third person. The exceptions where the second person isInstead, the story goes when it comes to 'what you get, "he says, for an event or holiday season. Rarely the first person to write capabilities, except when the author used the story of his experience.

Take for example the first paragraph written a feature on entrepreneurship in the third person:

John lost his job two years ago is due because of the economy. I think that is temporary, is actively seeking work, while his skills by updatingshort courses. Today it is still unemployed. Now, at age 41, is forced to consider self-employment and entrepreneurship, but hesitates because he was an employee throughout his career.

When this first paragraph is written in second person, it read:

They have a staff member throughout your career. Two years ago you lost your job because the Palestinian economy. The faith of the downturn is temporary, are actively seeking work during the updateTheir skills through short courses. Today, you're still unemployed.

As you can see from the two approaches, the third-person voice draws the reader into the best story of the second person, because there is no need for personal involvement in the story, if there is a call to action. It works well, use the second person, if there is a lifestyle magazine for purchasing goods in writing, but not quite right for a news story that is to send a messageFacts and tips.

When you write a feature story news, four components must be considered: anecdotes, quotes, facts and statements of the theme.

An anecdote in a story should be written by a third person, as a narrator. The purpose of this is to use the contents of 'pull' to attract readers to a feeling of reading a novel or a book. For a relationship to succeed, it must contain at least one anecdote to show 'real' readers of a situation orthe life of the person who tells the anecdote.

You should also facts and quotations for the human interest angle. Facts, research establishes that a quantification of the contents of the history, official statistics, or actual events seen by men:

According to official figures from the Department of Personnel, the unemployment rate now at 4.5 percent.

The courses are in the current account of events from witnesses or spoken comments of respondents. Quotations may be directly orindirectly. For a feature story to be believable and interesting, both direct and indirect quotations is required.

A direct quote is the actual words, respondents:

"I have a colleague of my career," said John Doe, age 41, the dismissed workers.

An indirect quote is a paraphrased or reworded in writing the words spoken by interviewees true:

John Doe, 41, said that a worker has his entire working life.

Declarations of topic sentencesLink to original theme of the story in different parts of the function. This is particularly useful when there are more parts or points of history that needs to be expanded in several areas of function. The purpose of the manifestations of the theme is to draw the reader back to the main theme of the story.

The ratio is usually pulls the reader forward with each paragraph to read, written to the point of closure or a degree or instructions to proceed. And 'commonEnd of story, returning the reader's attention to the points at the head of sales said, but with more knowledge on the subject.

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