Can you handle Bad News?

Want the good news or bad news first?

One of the most common mistakes that managers make bad today, the messenger who brings bad news is to shoot them. These managers usually want nothing more than good news. Because they often see the bearer of bad news, as negative, not a team player or a troublemaker. Their attitude is often:

• There were always negative.

• You are always complaining.

• You're never satisfied.

• It is a pain in the _ _ _ are

Iagree that some employees of one or all of the above characterizations fit – from time to time, but if you put a team will be bad news, you usually have:

· You With


• It is Ignore

° Li Abuse

• To listen

• The information we give you more

• To listen

· Other_______________________

The point is, the closer you are to reality (both in a domestic situationoutside the organization or with customers or suppliers) – the best decisions you can make. And that will tend to ensure your success and the organization. Shooting the messenger is a good way to ensure that you are completely lost touch with the conditions, perceptions, attitudes, problems and challenges that are in your department or organization as a whole.

Here are some ideas for the next time one of your employees gives you a bad message, or take them asBeing uncomfortable or unfair. (I repeat – if all you've ever heard is never good news and bad news – you are to your ultimate failure as a manager and can help the organization).

-Create and maintain a culture that encourages or even rewarded bad news.

T-Don 'just about people who believe what you hear and believe, or know what you know. Step outside your circle of supporters from time to time.

T-Don insult 'to criticize or to employees who take less thanNews ideal.

She lists and request additional information about messages that you bring.

It's doing something with what you have learned and let the person know what you did.

-To allow people to be looking for bad news.

-Set up a system that allows all messages – good and bad – to come.

Employees Say you want everything: the good, the bad and the ugly – all the time.

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