Journalism 100 – News Article Writing Crash Course

Write a news story is a bit 'other than maybe a essay English. If you are a newcomer to the scene big news, or journalism old rusty, here is a good crash course in news writing.

First, an article starts with an advantage. Leading is the first sentence, and tells the whole story in 25 words or less. A lead-answers who, what, when, where, why and how. Not all questions are crucial to every story, so that not everyone answered every run.

Once youhave an advantage, you write the rest of the inverted pyramid. Newspaper articles are written as an inverted triangle. The most important details first runs until the end less important.

Inverted pyramid serves two purposes. First, readers have little time. You may have to walk in any second. By highlighting the most important details, which will still have to get the story, although it can not finish your article. Secondly, the country of publication, advertising is king. Ifan advertiser wants more space, the designers do not have time rewrite your article to fit the display. Instead, articles are written so that the last lines are cut and not kill your piece.

Remember: KISS = Keep It Simple stupid. Newspaper articles are written in eighth grade. Do not use a big word when a little 'will.

Studio 1 articles. Web sites such as MSN, AOL and Yahoo have a great feature article. Read regularly.

2 Pay attention to theHow they are structured, and try to imitate his rhythm and tone.

3 Write determined. This means, be concise. Editorial increased creativity, but above all, journalism is about the space. To say as much as possible in the shortest possible space. Do not use two words when you do.

4 Find a style manual of AP. News articles are written in AP style. A style guide will answer any technical questions you may have.

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