The 60 most important cities of the world

The British newspaper The Independent, London called "the capital of the world," he concluded, after a study of 60 large cities.

In this study, which lasted for several months, the results were published on Saturday 22 December, was the paper compares data such as population, financial markets, mature tourism, transport and transport infrastructure, sports and cultural events. After combining several indicators was in Londona winner.

The fact that the first metro in the world to London and built the city has hosted the Olympics twice in the last 100 years (1908 and 1948) and also not under the care of such great sports like the Tour de France and the fact that a relationship of the world's largest stock exchange is there – all these advantages, supporting their celebrity. But can one of the most important indicators were, in fact, it was a multinational city. According to theMayor Ken Livingstone, the British capital, "London is the first world's financial center and largest city is." The citizens of London are proud of their "unity in diversity" and to consider its characteristics is one of the largest multinational corporation benefits. As more than 300 languages ​​are spoken in London, can be considered "the most international city in the world."

Composed in the ranking of The Independent of London to follow New York, Paris, Tokyo, Chicago, Madrid,Washington, Los Angeles and Rome. Addis Ababa and Beirut complete the list.

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