4 keys to provide bad news for your customers B2B

Prepared, is to provide the news in a professional manner, the mark of a good salesman. In a business-to-business sales must be the transmission of bad news with an eye to protecting the relationship you have built with care with the client to do. The two most important elements in building trust with a buyer must be adaptive and react, and this is really put to the test in addressing the problems.

Corporate decision makers are more concerned with a seller after salesBehavior problems and the answer is more important than the behavior they try to rely on the prize.

1 Quick Info
If you really want to annoy customers, let them discover the bad news from someone other than you (especially if they find out from someone in their organization). When you contact the customer to spread the message, demonstrate courage and integrity of the chase live. Make sure you have prepared a list of information beforedetailed description of the problem, because buyers will have many questions … and expect answers quickly.

2 Options
If there is ever a "truth" about the buyers who like options, the options available. Before the dreaded phone call, have prepared a list of options that your boss has agreed. Despite the fact that something terrible happens, it shows that you are working hard on their activities and try to remedy the situation, rather than goinghang in the wind.

3 Do you know why this problem occurred and what measures have been taken to ensure that does not happen again
Let the buyer that the company has taken steps to ensure that mistakes are not repeated in the future as well. So, make it clear that you thought about the situation. Explains the solution. Show that your company is doing its best to minimize the impact on the buyer. Waive or delay the cost of acquiring, if possible, get cost breaks down to, if applicable. Give you tips on how toof "position" this message to others in the organization.

4 Sincere apology and a plea of ​​mercy
You're sorry, and then silence. Do not process further, giving the buyer time to absorb the gravity of his statement. Finally, to end the conversation with the buyer, for his continuous support.

"Jim, let me know if I can count on you to accept my apology and to work with me to our relationship forward"

Then zip the lip. Although it is difficultas it is, not to speak until the buyer digested what you said and the voices answered.

Why is it important, how to deliver bad news? If you do it right, the buyer finally reached a point where it is difficult to continue to boil.

What buyers want in a difficult situation, a salesperson with honesty and integrity to do with the head problems. With the added focus on adaptive and responsive, these tips always good for confidence in business-to-BusinessSeller.

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