Newport News, Virginia Tourist Attractions and Leisure

Visitors to Newport News you will find an excellent selection of leisure facilities. The city of Virginia is situated on the banks of the James River and the port of Hampton Roads. Popular attractions include museums, theaters, parks, fishing piers, charter boats and other recreational activities.


Museum of the Mariners' – the USS Monitor Center

It was the Museum of the Mariners' Museum by the U.S. Congress refers to the National Maritime Museum offers exhibitions of maritimearound the world. The USS Monitor Center presents the "Battle of the Ironclads" display and as a real monitor replication.

Virginia Living Museum

This attraction is nature-related exhibitions, where visitors animals like wolves, eagles, turtles, fish, frogs and more. Special encourage fans to touch live crabs, fossils and other natural forms. Virginia Living displays show a variety of environments from the mountains to the coastincluding representations of the Chesapeake Bay and stalactite caves. The museum also houses an observatory, state-of-the-art digital planetarium theater, wildlife and native plant gardens. The shops are Wild Wings Museum Store and Café Wild Side.

Virginia War Museum

The Virginia War Museum has the U.S. military also has collections of personal items, weapons, vehicles, uniforms, posters and more from 1775 to today. Galleries are womenGears of War and Freedom, which document the role of women and African-American army. The exhibition Visions of War, the museum presents an exceptional collection of propaganda posters. Gifts for the sale in the gift shop offered seafood stock.


Different locations host theatrical events in the area of ​​Newport News. Christopher Newport University Ferguson Center for the Arts, holds performances in its 1700 seats, 500-seat concert hall with music hall and theater, and 200 seatsStudio Theatre / children. The Peninsula Community Theatre Newport News, offers some of the pieces throughout the year. Theatre offers productions of your children. Virginia Shakespeare Festival, every year at the College of William and Mary will be held, featuring performances of Shakespeare.

City parks

Newport News Park is one of the largest urban parks in the country. The park of 8,000 acres, will be occupied by wild animals such as deer, foxes, otters, raccoons, beavers and more.The Newport News Park is a popular destination for campers to find a natural environment, and so close to the activities and attractions of Hampton Roads. The park is 13 564 Jefferson Avenue, just off I-64 (Exit 250B). Newport News Park events and festivals including the Festival of Children Friends of Newport News, Newport News Fall Festival of Folklife, and the celebration of lights.

Anderson Park, 16th Street and Oak Avenue features ball, basketball,Beach, boat ramp, historical details, fishing, picnic areas, playground, restrooms, and tennis.

Huntington Park is located at the intersection of Warwick Boulevard and Mercury Boulevard, near the James River Bridge. The 60-hectare park is open from sunrise to sunset every day and offers a public beach in front of the James River. A boat ramp is open the public all year round and can accommodate boats with trailers up to 30 feet in length. Fort Fun, a 13,000 square meters is located on a playgroundpanoramic bluff overlooking the James River. Fishing for brook, brown and rainbow trout are popular on Lake Biggins from November to March each year. Even in Huntington Park is the Virginia War Museum, the American military history shows from the Revolutionary War to the present day.

Deer Park is located on Jefferson Avenue in the city center. The name "Deer Park" came about because white-tailed deer were collected for a game before the land was dedicated as a publicpark. Deer Park is a playground, soccer fields, 13 acres of woods and trails. Flowering plants of the park include camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons. The park has picnic shelters for parties, gatherings, or picnics.


Fischer offers a variety of saltwater fishing opportunities in Newport News and surrounding areas. There are fishing piers, the boats head, charter fishing trips and other types of fish. The time of year is very important ifSelection of your fishing trip.

You can talk about the local fishing time, fishing area by reading the reports, newspaper articles and calling the local captains, and with them on what is usually fish caught in some time to learn. If you catch a certain type is set, the season can be critical. If the species of fish are less important, may best to choose a card or fishing boat and head to allow the captain to decide what to have for the fish.

When fishing in NewportCurrently, there is a good idea to bring a small cooler for drinks, and a cooling medium or large ice for storing fish at the end of the day. For charter fishing boats, most allow you to bring a fresh fish, but some will keep a box of fish on board, the fish fresh until you return to port.

The crew of charter boats and head boats offer or arrange for cleaning the fish clean the catch to the marina. If you want to clean the fish, as they discuss in advance andprepared with a cooler when you return to port.

Newport News Farmers Market

The Newport News Farmers Market provides farmers, growers, retailers of fish and other selected suppliers the opportunity to market products and homemade crafts. The open-air market includes 10,000 feet of covered space machines. The market offers fresh produce from local farmers and gardeners and fresh fish, fresh frozen fish and seafood, cheese and meat. Other products are covered with plants, cut flowers, bakedArts and crafts. The market is open all year.

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