Why is Fox News Ratings Slipping?

Have you thought about it, because I slipped recently, Fox News, which has its ratings? Well, if you have to believe that their news segments too and then re-run the clock only for 15 minutes and you have all the news with a conservative bias for the day.

In addition, the news that the segments are down for 3-4 minutes between commercials, which some say is really the attention span of a Nat and the average U.S. citizen brain. But there are other reasons asMany people are just better coverage on CNN or stop there on the weather at the Weather Channel, now Hurricane Authority, were appointed as they are, maybe it's about for them, but the Weather Channel, Fox Network, and is not sure when were smart they would buy as they can afford.

But even there, FOX News show guests on board with stupid lawyer. People hate lawyers, but give them a lot of roles FOX News to give too much confidence.In addition, fair and balanced approach is not balanced, that the media are biased, with a conservative tendency. Which is fine by me, but I wanted some of these guests were liberal, he hears more than their cut of all time? And you? Consider this in 2006.

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