Cycling in Virginia, long-distance Newport News to Washington DC

At the beginning of Newport News is approximately 15 miles to Yorktown Toll Bridge heading up Highway 17 and 100 miles to Fredericksburg if you take Highway 1 in Washington is still 45 miles to the bridge in Washington DC. Another way to go is to take Highway 17 from Yorktown Toll Bridge 80 miles to Highway 301 and Highway 5 on the cross in Maryland and from there, all roads lead to Washington DC, as they say?

The roads in Virginia are not so bad, but Highway Oneleave a little 'work, the bicycle wheel, if you are traveling over 20 mph in places, you need to ask what our tax dollars to go to these days? The roads in some areas of Washington DC, some probably do not agree with you if you called them, real roads. Regarding traffic, I prefer this trip on a weekday, if you have the luxury of less traffic. In Washington, DC prefer the weekend, even if the traffic is always a bear.

The best part of this process is that there are a lot of other cyclistsat all points and if you are a big problem, disaster or second flat tire with no additional room, always have a ride is fairly simple. People in Virginia are very beautiful and if you take the road of Maryland as the last point, most of them are pretty nice too, though less than their hard pickups. There are many good stops along the way and there is a path that you enjoy and see something new each time. Discovering it and keep it in 2006.

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