Hair Loss Breakthrough in the news

There may be some good news for men with hair loss and women who favored a "miracle cure for hair loss" in hope. New research has discovered a specific protein, which in fact determines the formation and growth of new hair follicles, specifically introduced into the human body.

May be in other words, the key to cause the growth of new hair and make baldness "extinct" closer than we think. It's pretty exciting stuff, it really is part of a larger body of research hasshown, we can have more power over cell growth and manipulation, as we thought.

They can see, our genes make proteins, and go 'talk' to our body, where it will develop certain physical attributes, or derivatives, such as hair follicles. Scientists have one of three proteins that the body says, produce more hair follicles identified, so that manipulation of the hair growth is much closer than ever, scientific and realisticSpeak.

Unfortunately, we all know how long it takes usually a new technology actually turn into something that can be used by the public.

This new technology, while promising, is not so that they are used by people who have been manipulated. It 'only been tested on mice so far and has proved in the creation of "furrier" mice.

We do not know how long it will take up this new technology makes it easier for the market for human consumption, or even safe for a long timeTerm consumption or topical application, whichever may be the method.

It should go much more tests are approved for human use public by the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration before it is against hair loss and baldness treatments or drugs to be sold, or treatment or prescription medications hair loss men and women.

At the moment we are still seeing a lot of natural hair loss remedies that you can grow yourHair, especially from dietary supplements to your diet that may be missing, and may cause or contribute to hair loss in men and women.

There are also over treatments against hair loss with a medication called Rogaine, which help promote the growth of new healthy hair and help repair damaged hair follicles or unproductive is very popular.

Until this new technology comes into play, these are our options, and some of them work very well on people who try toyes!

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