Being aware of the negative influence of newspapers and media

Newspapers are in business to sell news and media-driven evaluations. Bad news sells better than five times faster than good news, why not publish "good news" in newspapers.

My first job was with a newspaper advertising sales department and it was like I was there that I was the only kind of news that bad news sells learned. When a newspaper is set to publish only good news would soon fail. It seems that the public has a morbid fascinationother problems and tragedies. I was 30 years old when I heard about this and given that in the last 50 years, I've never bought a newspaper for that reason. Similarly, if the contents of the constant stream of messages that are bombarding your mind all day and every day to stop analyzing the news, you will notice at least 90% of which is bad news. Imagine the impact of all this bad news on the public psyche over time. Is it any wonder that there is worldwideIncreased depression, anxiety and stress. The reality is, you can successfully get through life without registration, the practice of greedy local and international events, just to keep up to date.

If there is anything of importance that affect your life, it is

"In the air" and someone in your area are happy to tell you about it without having to search it.

This approach has two advantages,

!) Reduces the time to track for youOther positive actions in your life.

2) It makes others feel rewarded if they can tell you the bad news.

Let me remind you, are just some of the things you do instead of spending more time than necessary to observe and read the news.

You could read a good book.

They could have a little '.

You could go to help a friend in need or other activities of the Community.

You can enrich your mind with education.

Each of thesealternative activities to keep your body and mind in better shape than if you just want to spend the time necessary news.

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