The End of the World? December 2012 and prophecies

It 'hard to ignore the hype surrounding the date December 21, 2012. Many people are concerned about the possibility of eating the end of the world on this day. Is it possible? How can life as we know it end so abruptly?

Well, there are some warning signs were in abundance. In recent years there has been a record number of disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and forest fires. The number of people who believe in a disaster of December 2012, the growingthe day. They are prepared for the worst of the supply of provisions. Some go as far as air raids and their shelter just learning to hunt for food. There are survival groups popping up all over the world that the best way to prepare for the next year for the network and stop depending on electricity, is a normal activity and the Web to believe.

That said, find the Internet is the best resource for information on so-called Doomsday. A simpleSearch '2012 'give you hundreds of thousands of hits. You should be aware that not all of these sites reveal the truth about 2012. Some people are trying out there, afraid to provoke the people and wants to sell books on it, and even commemorative T-shirt money!

Many people are searching the sky for signs of the apocalypse. One theory is that the magnetic pole shift causing the earth with half of the ice cover, creating a new era in ice. Another theoryin connection with the above, says that an unknown planet collide with our massive losses and catastrophes. If it sounds like a conspiracy to make a movie, why is it that Bruce Willis movie "Armageddon" and 1998 movie "Deep Impact", both have a large asteroid hitting the earth, as the main plot. These two theories are intertwined with another John Major Jenkins, an expert on Mayan astronomy, as proposed, said the fact that a galactic alignment in December 2012. Some people have this as aA sign of doom, even though Jenkins denies vehemently that he held the end of the world, in the month. Although it is believed that the galactic alignment to create a "nexus of transformation in a time … invites us to connect with our cosmic heart."

Groups of government such as NASA argue that such a thing occur. There will be no displacement of the magnetic pole is not the Planet X collide with the Earth and the galactic alignment has no consequence for us. Instead, it islike every other day, like every two years. So it's up to you if this day shoveling the snow from the road, or if you drink the Kool Aid spending.

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