Arundel, the scariest place in the world

Now I have a lot of scared people in my life, from underground sewers to the dark caves smugglers. When I visited Arundel, Sussex, Great Britain, I could say it was something else. It was very dark when I arrived so I felt very sleepy and just wanted my head down.

There have been many ghostly experiences in the small village of Arundel, all the terrible story, which has over 100 years ago. A girls and boys who were in love, the girlfelt the love so strong, but one day his friend decided that they no longer have the same feelings for young women. She was devastated, not knowing how he wanted to go further, all their family and friends said that you get at this time, they knew they could not, the signal is just so much that one night, this young woman walking in Arundel Castle climbed the tower and jumped. Sometimes, people say that if you climb the tower before 10.00, you can see,They are at the top in search of his love.

So, since I do not mind and I think one hour ghoul stories planned trip to the tower closed at 10 on my watch. I must say I was just feeling abit nervous as wherever I went in the village People say to me: "You're crazy," Please do not go alone. It 'was my decision I had to see what all the fuss was, not to mention that Arundel is one of the most haunted places in the world.

Now is about21:00, I walked up the big hill to the castle, when I arrived I was greeted by guards 24 hours. I made my way in the search around the castle was a great experience it was a tradition untouched ore on it. After a walk around I started my path towards the tower where the incident had occurred many years ago. During a walk up the stairs tower, I felt a kind of whisper, he hel-help, it was just my brain playing a trick on me? They are at the top with my beloved cameraAll the recording, I expected more and more anxious to meet the clock to 10, then I waited and waited and nothing happened, I have my camera around his neck and went home, what a waste of time.

The next morning I woke up and put my camera on TV I wanted to see and delete some parts of it came to the part where I get was the procedure for the tower, I was very excited because I can only see if I was trying to feel things, the moment came and went bang the cameraI fast forwarded all fuzzy and the picture came back when I reached the foot of the stairs. I was not imagining what his spirit was controlling my camera, now I have always believed and remembered Arundel is the scariest place on earth.

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