Pedophile current news articles – a different perspective

"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance. And 'the illusion of knowledge."
-Stephen Hawking

Pedophiles have to make the news quite regularly lately. First was the "instruction manual" pedophile found in Florida. Then there was the strong presence NAMBLA exhibit on Facebook. Now is the excitement of, the book "a pedophile and pleasure of love" will be sold on its virtual shelves.

Yes, pedophiles around the world alreadynational titles in recent times, and many people are hopping mad. For me I think it's a good thing. Let me make it absolutely and perfectly clear, I think that pedophiles and child molesters and all organizations that are, are absolutely horrible, disgusting and repulsive. That said, I think it's a good thing that someone is stupid enough to get a book on how the sexual abuse of children, and then you can write this book in the hands of the police to obtain. I think it was good that NAMBLAdiscovered hidden in plain sight on Facebook. I also think it is good that the "Help a child molester of love and pleasure," sold on

Let me explain. I firmly believe that for a long time we have an "illusion of knowing" when it comes to protecting our efforts to protect children from sexual abuse. We have been so long in the belief that what we do for the children to pedophiles, predators and child molesters who work to protect the deceived. Well, it does not. Tens of thousandsMillions of people in this country, child sexual abuse survivors, many of whom suffer in silence, it seems. Now cold facts are news pedophiles say the same thing, only louder.

As is usually the case of alarming news, the natural reaction to the recent pedophile message is to "shoot" the wrong people. Amazon Boycott, boycott of Facebook, perhaps (no wait, we are addicted to Facebook, and it's free, so that you can not). I'm sure that Amazon wouldto seriously reconsider what types of books that is willing to sell (for example, would have sold a book teaching people step by step, how to kill people and get away with it?) I also think that Facebook has to seriously consider the effort that is devoted to the its networks safer. Wasting time to organize boycotts with intent to cause harm to these companies, however, seems a waste of time.

Instead, take this news developments for what they are. This is an alarm clock and aDeclaration of war – a war for the minds, hearts and souls of our children. What is so accommodating at any other time of the enemy to explain the war visible and strong, and then lay their plans (which you think is contained in these books), we would be well advised to learn our efforts, we can devote the enemy and their plans so that we can fight effectively.

Recent news stories show how sophisticated and organized pedophilia, pedophiles, predators and child molestersbe. This is a wake-up call. You are tipping your hand. We have the opportunity to learn all about them and then develop and implement strategies to prevent child sexual abuse that really work to be taken. This is what I do.

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