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Nigeria news is a colorful, interesting and fascinating history. Drums, sticks, gongs, etc. Fire and voice: Traditionally, Nigeria transmitting messages with a variety of local devices

The locals must find a way to send messages of joy, death and transferred the war to find their community without the benefits of mobile phones, radio, TV and all the latest technologies.

Here the story gets interesting.

People have developed methods for communicating with the remote'Famous talking drums "and' fascinating to watch the masters of this Act; .. send and receive messages to beat the drum for the unwary viewer, are the drummers that leads to a cacophony of sounds, but to the trained ear of drummer, a lively, heated discussion or conversation as mobile chat is happening now.

As a joke, drummers are known for their beauty and femininity of the other communities and the strength of their male popular demand. The basket is part of thecommunity life. The drum marks the festival calendar of the community. Recorded deaths, births.

Today, Nigeria is mainly transmitted through the radio news, newspapers and electronic version. First, Nigeria has been news in the newspapers, state radio and then transferred to state-owned television stations. During this period the government has a monopoly on the dissemination of information to Nigerians. The privately owned press time, radio and TV stations are on board challengegovernment-owned corporations.

Some radio stations:

Radio Nigeria (state)




The Sun Newspaper

Thisday Newspaper

The Nation


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