Jay Z and Beyonce – In the News

There is so much interesting news about Jay-Z and Beyonce is very popular singer in her own right. Both have sold millions of albums around the world and loyal fans lapping every bit 'of information to them.

A major novelty is that Beyonce and Destiny Child is planning a big reunion in 2010. They were divided in 2005, had reached on various solo careers, and especially Beyonce, the pinnacle of success with their albums all the creation of records.

The latter isJay Z is listening to his press conference held on 11 September 2009 his concert at Madison Square Garden announced in honor and in memory, and the New York Police and Fire Widows and Children Fund benefit benefit. The event will be broadcast live on TV, and fused the rapper will be tremendously disturbed by the 9 / 11 events. Both messages refer to the current month of September 2009.

The stars were much in the news during the month of August and every where they went andeverything that has created newness. The fact that the spectators during the Barclays golf tournament has created a lot of buzz.

Celebrities make big news in small news events. Beyonce changing spaces in Ukraine has a lot of news. The room has been replaced for safety reasons by the President of Ukraine, who lived in the same hotel.

Beyonce performance at the MTV Awards and was elected, the woman of the year a lot of titles. News On Jay-Z and Beyonce has aa lot of curiosity among fans.


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