The world is simply a mirror

What are you, so is your world. Everything in the universe is dissolved in an inner experience. No matter what is not, because it is all a reflection of your state of consciousness. It all depends on what you put to speculate that for all, and are colored accordingly.

The world is only a mirror of our inner state again. If then inwardly in turmoil, we are sure to see a turbulent world. A seemingly happy worldit's just us our own inner joy. What we see is a mirror image of our state of consciousness.

Those days when everything goes wrong from the moment we seem to wake up begins, usually with a bad event (car not starting, the alarm has not been started, etc.), so that we can influence our emotional state. This leads to another and then another and before you know it, sees the world as a bad place for us. Put together enough of those days and life is almost unbearable. But nothing tocreated the world, our misery, our response was, our state of consciousness that created the ugliness.

No matter what happens, look good and you will find it. A positive thinker does not refuse to recognize the negative – he refuses to answer them. Positive thinking is a form of thought, which usually looks the best results from the worst conditions. It 's always possible to look good for something, you expect the best for themselves, even when things look bad. EIt is worth noting that if you look carefully, you will find it.

Your internal state is easier to control what you perceive around you. It 's much easier to remove the hate from you and from the rest of the world. However, trying to rid the world of hatred seem much more difficult, and impossible. The key to ban something from the outside world, you must delete from your inner world. Just stop hating. If you stop hating, your mirror reality, yourperceived external world will change to reflect this new perspective. The hatred that you see outside will soon be replaced by its opposite, love.

Let's say that you look in your mirror and see the sad reality. Many people seem sad and depressed. You look inside, you realize that you feel sad and depressed. Remember to change it out, you need to change the interior. So, to do just that! For the next week, to express and feel lucky. Regular smile and feelthe state of happiness in you. A week later known, is on your external reality.

Ask yourself if your really comparing levels seem happier this week that last week. If you do it right, you should notice an increase in the perceived happiness of your exterior. People should look as cheerful as the previous week. This improvement is due to the serenity of the small change in your inner state. A continuation of this practice will eliminate much of the sadness of yourReality and of itself.

If your mirror reflects back to you the reality of many broken relationships, and it seems that there are good relationships in your external reality, then you probably do not have a good relationship with them. If you do not like, to an unhealthy level of your reality, the mirror will reflect that state back to you. Much of what you see in your mirror, the people do not really like to be yourself. The reverse is also true. If anything, what you experience in yourReality mirror, people to love themselves, then it is very likely that you are guilty of the practice.

Use your mirror is actually look at your external reality to see what you like and dislike it. Then look inside to see where you live in these aspects. Those who want to hold you. Those who do not like discard. Those who wish to add.

External conditions are observed in your world is a reflection of your inner consciousness. Asinside and outside.


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