The largest photo stock agency in the world … Who is the greatest?

Did you know that you are a member of the world's largest image in the world? Buyers have quickly learned to control picture 's "Agency" first-first to move to another stock agency images.

If the buyer to a specific content to look hard to find a picture, do not turn to Getty, Corbis, Jupiter, et al. These agencies have done a great job of generic images and standards, but also for the real concrete measures and reports on the situation, the buyers know that if you go away"Agency".

While the known picture agencies have worked for major keywords for their images access to Internet searches, they have done miserably behind the accuracy of indexing and the global nature of many independent photographers.

Getty, Corbis, Jupiter, not compete, et al. And none of them is the world's largest image in the world. They represent only a small fraction of the number of images stored in the files of the Internet worldDatabase of photographers.

It is the largest website Bots + + Du. A growing number of buyers are finding photos can easily find the exact source of the photos they need to describe a simple search engine like Google and typing the words more specific image they need. *


She has no doubt experienced ". The experience of Google" You must change the name of the village, where Michelangelo was born to know, orthe name of his father. You have your question in the Google search bar and your answer was for you in seconds.

A search on the Internet for photographs is no different. If you were a buyer photographic exploration of violin making in Italy, we find that the Cremona violins are known for. But you need an aerial photograph. Cremona, Italy violin Antenna: The query on Google or Yahoo might be read as follows. Soon, the name of the photographer (or photographers), whichThis photo is. Try it.

How big is the Internet directory of photos? Judge for yourself. Estimate the number of individual photographers now have digitized their collections and labels and currently available to buyers via the Internet photos. If the calculations are like me, you figure is currently seeking at least 450 million images available on the Internet. By 2010 there will be three times more. Getty, Corbis and Jupiter can nevercatch up.

* Now use Google Images for buyers photos as source images? No, do not. Google Image system directs them only images under par, which are also often present complicated issues of copyright. More and more buyers to know, instead of the "text" in the Google search bar and type the description of photo-demand use to improve image quality they offer to find a simple transaction.


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