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If the world is becoming a global village?

With the Internet come of age that has really revolutionized communication. The people of a remote district in the southern Philippines can now live his son a hero and idol Manny Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas, Nevada. Media has changed, from live television broadcasts of late reports to the police to chase criminals. Economics and Business has changed a lot too. Anyone can sell products and services to a global market.

The global village of Marshall McLuhan's four decadesIn his book, The means of massage, she grew up. To speak of global village is talking of progress in the telecommunications field, multiplied by the speed of transport. Commercial jets and high-speed trains can travel at the speed of sound. The Internet has its impact in almost every aspect of human existence, but especially through the media. The coverage has changed a lot. Independent cable networks competing for the quality of television news and programming. And you canAttend this live broadcast on the right, always and wherever they are. This is incredible.

There is a booming Internet market. Everything is for sale: products, ideas, services, ranging from tangible to intangible, that was literally made in a traditional village, as a commodity for sale on the market. Anyone can sell, and you can buy, wherever you are, whether in the jungles of the Amazon or in the slums of a Third World country, as long as you're connected and you have the money.

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