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The world is simply a mirror

What are you, so is your world. Everything in the universe is dissolved in an inner experience. No matter what is not, because it is all a reflection of your state of consciousness. It all depends on what you put to speculate that for all, and are colored accordingly.

The world is only a mirror of our inner state again. If then inwardly in turmoil, we are sure to see a turbulent world. A seemingly happy worldit's just us our own inner joy. What we see is a mirror image of our state of consciousness.

Those days when everything goes wrong from the moment we seem to wake up begins, usually with a bad event (car not starting, the alarm has not been started, etc.), so that we can influence our emotional state. This leads to another and then another and before you know it, sees the world as a bad place for us. Put together enough of those days and life is almost unbearable. But nothing tocreated the world, our misery, our response was, our state of consciousness that created the ugliness.

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